leaving on a jet plane (i.e. ford focus)

  • I just had my birthday.
  • one.blogI leave for a life changing experience in DAYS.
  • And I haven’t even began to pack.

Instead, I’m beginning a blog; because why not continue to procrastinate.

I have decided to combine my love for thoughtcatalog, my thirst for creativity, my innate passion for words, and about fourteen equally as beautiful and poetic things. Ultimately, drafting a blog in hopes of… Well I’m actually not entirely sure on that, but I’ll get back to you.

What I do know is my entire life is going to shift and I want to share it with you, you, and YOU.

At the end of this, I really am hoping to have helped a person the same way my favorite writers have helped/changed/and molded mine.

And if all I’ve really done is made a handful of people laugh, I’ll be okay with that too.

All images were found on Pinterest. Image does NOT belong to writer.  Pinterest search: wanderlust photography


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