magical drunk thoughts

We all get a little lost sometimes. We become forgetful while the world continues to spin and turn and dance; our tiny hands holding on for dear life, silently praying we don’t slip off in to oblivion.

I’ve always been a writer, that much is true. I start blogs and stories all the time. Hell! I even started a book and halfway through, it was gone. I believe you can always find magic in the written word. Poems, journals, napkin scribbles even.

Because of the simple fact that life refuses to pause, do not may much mind to the dates on these posts. I have set a few posts to release at random. Some written days before, while others may come from and entirely different me.

What I hope for most is that the pieces you read here speak to you with magic. I wish for them to bring hope. And offer advice. And most of all, they provide you with an escape, much as writing has done for me. Even if it’s only a few minutes of your day. I wish them splendid.


Images found on Pinterest. Writer does NOT own images. Pinterest image search: abandoned places


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