“i don’t like him, he’s nice”

*Disclaimer: Quick post about an extremely tragic realization I had today. Nothing inspirational or artistic. Just a girl, bitching. *

Today, while engaging in a late night gab session with a new friend of mine, I caught myself making the absolute, LAMEST excuse as to why I was “iffy” about a guy I had met and went on a coffee date with.

This guy did nothing wrong. He took me to Aspen and we grabbed a coffee because via text I had expressed my thriving desire for a good cup of coffee (my inner-Seattle has been DYING). That’s cute, right? He listened, made the plan, and that was that. This particular coffee date had also put up with me bailing a couple times before the ACTUAL day of the date.

When we met up he was charming. And tall. And made me genuinely laugh. He was intelligent and driven. All qualities I consider important when dating.
Everything was great.

SO WHY on God’s green Earth did I catch myself saying these exact words:

“Yeah he’s nice. That’s probably it. He’s so busy being nice to me that he doesn’t have time to spend being mean to me. And that’s new and different. I usually end up with the ones who are mean to me.”

WHAT in the ACTUAL FUCK?! When did this become a norm? I am completely baffled as to how “he’s nice to me, I don’t like him” has become the standard!

This realization has made me decide to take action. I no longer want to spend my “dating years” with boys who are mean to me a majority of the time. No longer will I spend countless hours trying to “fix” him. Because if they don’t see themselves as broken, why would the WANT to be fixed? (And if we have learned anything while dating, “you can lead a horse to water…*eyeroll*)



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