obligatory resolutions

The new year is upon us, friends. I’ve been working like crazy so the elusive holiday nearly snuck up behind me.  (I’ve seen countless social media posts about it, and that is really the only reason I remembered.) I’ll keep it short and sweet; a little something to ponder while you write your resolution lists, purchase gym memberships you’ll stop using in April, while you stand in line waiting to buy that Nicorette you SWEAR will work this time.

What are YOU planning to BETTER this New Year’s? I use the word “better” because I hate the idea of losing something or abandoning old habits or whatever. I don’t even care if the thing you are “losing” is your winter fluff or you’re planning to “abandon” your habit of making Tuesday’s Apres into much more than a handful of margs among coworkers.

THEY (psychologists, therapists, parents, and even overly invasive friends) would say that my issues with these words aren’t the words themselves, but a deeper underlying issue with abandonment itself (psych major, holla). To THEM, I say you are speaking in half truths. THEY would be right, it isn’t the words themselves; but it’s what they stand for. That icky feeling of loss. I think that by putting this emphasis on resolutions to “LOSE 10 lbs” we don’t make it about becoming healthy, but ridding ourselves of something. And I truly believe that ridding yourself, even something bad or negative, can be traumatic.

Take it from a girl who had bounced between chubby, to sickeningly thin, to “thick”, and back to average thin, and so on and so forth. I became so fixated on LOSING that I wasn’t healthy. I was sick. And that in turn ripped apart my insides (literally and figuratively).

I’m not trying to scare you or shame you, but I want you to think about these sorts of things. I think too often we forget about the importance of our own mental health; that we allow physical health to trump our minds and spirits. We forget that under all of the words or verbiage, the common goal is to be BETTER. And not just for New Year’s, but for EVERY day.


So I ask again, what will YOU better this New Year?

All images were found on Pinterest. Image does NOT belong to writer.  Pinterest search: wanderlust photography


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