stealing wifi; because i moved

ATTN: guys and gals.

I have moved, again. For the first time in over a year, I have a permanent address. Where I receive actual mail. And a kitchen to cook (i.e..burn) food. And a terrace that I am beyond over the moon about.

I started this particular blog before a “life changing” move to Colorado. While I loved living in SMV (and will continue to visit often), I missed the ease of a city. I missed being able to go to the grocery store without having to commit to the 40 minute drive. So here I am, in Chicago.

Chicago is different, but in a good way. I live in a trendy high rise in the South Loop with a sushi place around the corner, a Trader Joes down the street, and public transportation steps from my front door (complete with door man). I have exposed concrete walls sporadically placed in my apartment, wood floors, and did I mention my goddamn terrace? Because it’s incredible.

My roommate is pretty alright, haha. I stole her from the mountains and made her make the move with me.

I’m extremely excited for what this all means, a new start and what not.

All images were found on Pinterest. Image does NOT belong to writer.  Pinterest search: chicago


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