Disclaimer: I’m not here to slut-shame. I actually refuse to do it. Girl/Woman/Slut/Scholar/etc. whatever it may be, a friendly-friend is a HUMAN above all else. If you disagree (with this or any other article) please flood my feed with your comments and we can talk about it. Like adults. 

We all have her; the friend who greets people (men and women alike) with her tits out and mouth wide. She’s typically a gorgeous girl. A  little dumb, and above all else determined. This friend has a “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude that rivals Olympians. She’s the poster child of ye olden days or the days of Yar; when hunters paraded their kill around for all to see! #LOOK@WHATICAUGHT

To start, I love sluts. I admire a woman (or man) who knows:

  • what they want
  • when they want it

And then ultimately, this friendly-friend succeeds and obtains said thing (i.e. GETLAID.) Bonus points if your capture buys you eggs in the morning! (You’re a goddamn goddess and I applaud you while you walk side to side—shameless Ariana plug YEAH).

Too often we hear things like, “oh that girl’s a slut” or “she’s nice but a little slutty”, etc. My question is WHY do we say these things about each other with such disdain? Is it jealousy? Envy? A little bit of both all baked into a Rude Bitch Cupcake that spews hurtful things to others after three brunch-time mimosas ? I’m lookin’ at you girl, you know who your are. I’m not sure of the exact reasoning behind it but I know it should stop (or at the very least, pump the breaks a bit). I have a friend who reminded me (not so long ago) that we live in a world plagued with negativity. We are inundated with terror, fear, and heart break on a nearly constant basis. Shouldn’t we give credit where credit is due and stop breaking down the women who slay on the daily— the women who not only climb the corporate ladder by day, but take care of themselves each night. (You go girl, get yours!)


Let’s reflect on the fact that these women, with their low cut tops and perfect hair are not the enemy. These women are the friendliest of friends. They are go-getters and innovators. These women have mastered the “hook, line, and sinker” for those in the marketing world. They get in quick and out unscathed before dawn the next day. We shouldn’t be calling it a Walk of Shame, but more a Parade of the Shameless. With their top knots high and heels in hand.

What I’m getting at here is this:

We need not continue to shame our lady-friends for going out and being better at things than we are. We needn’t ostracize her for playing the game better than us. Too often, we are quick to label a friendly female as a “slut” because she went home with the PBR drinking frat boy we had our eyes on two nights prior. It isn’t fair.

Stop shaming our sisters (and brothers) for making it work (and for beating you to it.) The Pacific Northwest Salmon beats itself bloody each year swimming upstream for literally one thing, sex. Humans are animals in nature. Our only difference; we live during a time where our thumbs allow us to swipe right and get what we need that much sooner (sorry salmon sluts, grow some hands. I hear the new iPhone works in water— haha).

All images were found on Pinterest. Image does NOT belong to writer.  Pinterest search: wild hipster photography


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