when spotify is killing it

Do you ever have those days where, holy hell Spotify just gets you? I was having one of those days and I figured I would scribe a quick article on music.

If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that the perfect song can turn your mood right back around. And I believe, given the right tools (iPod/iphone/headphones/etc.), we are all walking around with a killer soundtrack to our lives (Cudi reference when I can).

A great playlist provides us something other than static for those pivotal times in our lives:

  • your first dance
  • your first make out session
  • your first concert
  • your grandfather’s funeral
  • the ending to your first relationship
  • your second first date

Each of these scenarios (+many, many more) probably has a song, tied to a feeling, wrapped with an imaginary bow that makes you remember that particular moment on that particular day. I know mine sure do. 

There is something comforting in that feeling you get when that song comes on that reminds you of your first boyfriend so many years ago. It takes you back to his car, his smile, and ultimately that giddy feeling you always felt when near him. I doubt it’s just me that connects with music this way.

And on the flip side— when you hear that song you played on repeat after said boy shattered your heart in to a million pretty pieces (and conversely, you shattered his headlights.)

We all do it. We all get it. Music provides us with proverbial anchors to feelings and far off memories living deep in our brains/hearts/and souls. Whether you’re jamming to indie tunes or twerking your way in to the early morning hours with your galpals or even sobbing to ballads of love long lost, you’re creating concrete memories that will continue to return, even when you least expect it. The good|the bad|the ugly|and the beautiful.

Personally, every time I hear AllStar by Smashmouth (stop judging me; I fucking know), I’m taken back to this one summer afternoon where I bullied not only my younger sister, but also my mother’s boyfriend’s sons into choreographing a dance routine in the basement of her boyfriend’s unfinished house. It was a performance complete with costumes! That I forced our parents to watch every second of. We even threw change in the air (low key rap stars with low, low funds). It was great and such a fun memory. Even years after the actual event, the second I hear that song intro: “someBODY once asked…” I’m forever picturing the youngest boy in Oakleys, tossing around quarters (that actual hurt when they hit you and were a major bitch to pick up, fyi.) It instantly puts me in an elevated mood, and what’s wrong with that?

While most of my song-memory connections are happy ones, I will always have that handful of songs in my back pocket. You know the ones I’m talking about. Heavy, sappy love ballads. The ones that when you hear them, they gut you like a fish before the intro has even finished. And you can’t change the song fast enough (if even at all). Because once that guitar floods your earbuds, the damage has been done. While not as mood elevating as others, I think having these connections to these songs about heartbreak and pain really remind us that ultimately, we are human.

Sometimes, Spotify just gets yah man! Sometimes when you least expect it. And sometimes when you need it most.

All images were found on Pinterest. Image does NOT belong to writer.  Pinterest search: music photo



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