digital (digital) get down

Let’s talk about sex(ting), baby. In the words of my favorite villain, “Everybody does it… it’s just that no body talks about it.” GIRL.

Sexting is a major deal right now. Gettin’ down online isn’t a thing of the future anymore. It’s a thing NOW. Right this minute. And increasing each second. Boys, girls, parents, doctors, lawyers, and everyone in between are using social media outlets like Snapchat and Instagram (slidin’ in to those DMs, gurrrrrl 😉 to scratch the itch. But why?

The world we live in, city|country|whatever; moves at an alarming rate. I’m not talking just time; but all of it is at a rapid speed.

  • instant messaging
  • instant (yet fleeting) photos and videos via snapchat
  • video chat

We don’t even have to wait to be home and safe in our own rooms; I’ve literally seen people sexting ON THE TRAIN. Because our brains (+bodies) crave stimulation. We need is NOW.

In ye ole days, we were stimulated by art and literature of a different medium. Before the world where a camera, telephone, and computer were in your pocket (zappin’ all your baby gravy, boys!) the build up was everything. Back then, we fantasized and romanticized about our partner(s). We played a different game. We met in public places. We thought of each other while apart. We plotted and planned our next moves carefully, to ensure Little Jimmy would be happy to see us.

It wasn’t until this future we live in now that we didn’t have to second guess if Jimmy thought we looked cute today because BAM! There’s his dick on your iPhone for 3-10 seconds. Thanks, Snapchat.

This may seem like a complaint. And it partially is. In truth, while I do bitch about the aggressive “dick pic” tactic. I enjoy it. It stems from the instant gratification phenomena. Because of this technology, we know right away if we are doing something right (or wrong) and whether to keep going (or pack it away). Does social media cheapen sex, love, and taco dates? Probably. But what doesn’t social media cheapen these days?

Keep on keepin’ on. Make those digital moves. Send Nudes. Think you’ve got great tits? Snap the boys and you’ll know (trust me). Wanna show someone how happy they really make you, let them see that flag pole full mast and proud (is that even a phrase? fuck it.). And if you don’t receive the encouragement you were hoping for… on to the next venture.

Get down with getting off, instantly. Or kick rocks loser.

And to teens on @snapchat, thanks for making it stickY (horrible joke, I hate myself too).


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