My baby sister got married today. And this was my speech. I wrote it at 30,000 ft on my flight home to watch her be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.

“It should not be a shock to many who know Miranda and I, that I wanted to be an only child forever. When my parents sat me down and told me the (not so) exciting news that I was to become a big sister; I let them know that I would really prefer a pony instead.

Little did I know that on the day I officially became a big sister, I gained so much more than any pony would have given me. (Note: Pony still would have been cool, I hope for it every day.)

On December 4th, 1994, my baby sister was born and I my own real life baby doll. I had a little sister to always play with, dress up, and show to all my friends. Most importantly though, on that day, I met my first best friend. My first forever friend.

I use the term, “forever friend” because that is exactly what Miranda is to me. No matter how many times we fight. Or she steals my tops and wears them to sketchy clubs. No matter how many times of places I have moved or we have argued, etc. My baby sister is my friend for all of eternity. She is my best friend for infinity.

I skipped the day in kindergarten where you are taught how to share. But today I am officially having to share my forever friend with Mountain. I mean, switchback, er uh…whatever his name is; some geological feature. *pause for laughter*  When I first met my sister’s now husband, he was a goofy looking kid in spandex, sporting a nice black eye. We met at his wrestling tournament so I guess I can’t hold his appearance against him.

Flash forward to when he proposed. I could not have been happier for my forever best friend. They have been together and apart and everything in between. Through all adversity high school sweethearts could face, they have prevailed through it all. I could not be more proud of the people I have had the immense pleasure  of watching grow up and with each other. I am not going to spill my guts about true love and fairytales. But for these two, what they have now and will become in the future, well I can’t argue much how great they will be.

I love you both and am so very proud of you. Take care of my forever friend, Ridge. She’s your full time problem now.

I love you mostest, Weas.




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