call me Walt: a Fit Dis Ass installment

Cryotherapy. It can be localized or your whole body. Benefits include:

  • Burning calories
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced pain and muscle soreness
  • 10,000 other benefits

The nice people at CryoBar stuck me in a “sauna” that pushed some gaseous nitrogen at my body causing sub-zero temperatures to essentially wake my body the fuck up.

I went in two days after a brutal workout; the soreness was REAL. However, the day after I was feeling refreshed, sprite, and ready for another session.

The sensation of being “frozen” is unlike any other. It is very rare that I simply cannot find the words. I’m a girl of many words. And quips. And anecdotes. But this was something-fucking-else.

CryoBar recommends at least 3 sessions to see peak results but honestly, I felt amazing after the first one.





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