HBD & thank you

That’s the thing about birthdays… They happen like clock work. Every 365 days it is another rotation around the sun. Another year older, another year you’ve been in my life; and more exciting than that– the dawn of another year to come for you.

Despite the arguments, the tears, and the battle between loving you and hating you; I owe you so very much more than a “happy birthday”. Because of you I have learned that it is okay to be human. It is okay to make mistakes. And that there is a difference in “growing up” and being a “grown up”.

Every year I write you this “happy birthday” post. I idolize you. I make you god-like. Because it’s your birthday and you deserve to feel special.

But this year is different. It won’t be a letter from my heart about all the good things you’ve done or how proud I have been of you. That letter would be about three lines long. This year, it is a “thank you” on your special day. Forever wishing you the best, sir:

Dear you,

Happy birthday. You’ve made it yet another year. I hope you’re well (though I know you’re doing just fine). 

I want to thank you. Thank you for making up my mind. Thank you for being so much the opposite of a human being the last time we spoke. Thank you for clearly drawing the line and forcing me to grow the fuck up. 

I owe a lot to you. You’ve showed me how destructive loving someone so wrong truly can be. You’ve helped me realize how much better I can be. Because of you, I. Am. Thriving.

You probably spent your day with the bros and your night with the current girl in your clutches. Maybe Momma Dukes made an appearance, your father in tow, to celebrate Fighting Irish style. In which case, I hope you behaved and everyone stayed warm in this chill!

Whichever way you spent ringing in your 28th year, I hope it was all you imagined and more.

Happy Birthday. I miss you. Most importantly, thank you.




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