read this when you feel alone

You are okay.

It may not feel like it now. Or in twenty minutes. Or tomorrow. Or even in a week.

But I promise you, one day you will wake up and be okay. 

Being alone is not a terrible place to be. Feeling alone does not make you weak. There are times in our lives, usually after a detriment leaving us hypothetically or actually raw, bare, and exposed. It is only then, when we are able to truly see the truth (or the lie) so crystal clear.

Every day life is not full of posies or daisies or some other pretty little flower all the damn time. If it were, we would be unable to appreciate them for their true beauty once they poke their heads up from time to time through the snow. We all would also have terrible allergies.

Read this when you feels alone.

You. Are. Okay.


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