be a fucking tiger: a love note to the souls almost too lost to be found. almost.

Hard realizations are my forte. If you have ever read this blog before; this is not new, exciting, or even close to fake news. My name in the blogosphere (and my resume) has been made up almost solely based on hard fucking lessons of the heart, head, and even my fucking body. What can IContinue reading “be a fucking tiger: a love note to the souls almost too lost to be found. almost.”

time. excuses. lies.

I don’t believe in bad timing. I don’t believe in fate or serendipitous notions. I do not believe in destiny. I cannot however, say I NEVER believed in these romantic ideas; because I did once. ¬†And then I grew up. I realized that all of these poetic ideals were cop-outs. They are excuses. They areContinue reading “time. excuses. lies.”

fuckin’ v day, man.

Ain’t it a bitch? Whether you’re falling in love, falling out of love, or just being in love (with yourself or someone else); below are some nice copy and paste-able notes to send your cuties this Wednesday. You’re welcome. Sig Oth: I want you. I love you. To me, you are perfect in every wayContinue reading “fuckin’ v day, man.”

singing adele in the shower at the top of my lungs

  You have trouble distinguishing the difference between your and you’re. Spoiler alert: the apostrophe signifies a contraction of “you are”. You over salt every food; even salads. All the time. You have a horrible attention span, but the best memory of anyone I have every met. You are careful and calculated. You are quietContinue reading “singing adele in the shower at the top of my lungs”