singing adele in the shower at the top of my lungs


You have trouble distinguishing the difference between your and you’re. Spoiler alert: the apostrophe signifies a contraction of “you are”.

You over salt every food; even salads. All the time.

You have a horrible attention span, but the best memory of anyone I have every met.

You are careful and calculated. You are quiet and thoughtful. You are my opposite.

It was something I could always count on.

But I could also always count on you. I could count on you for a shoulder to cry on. I counted on you for a stupid joke (almost always told wrong). I counted on you for support, advice, and kisses.

I could write a list of all of the things you did to drive me crazy but in true Rom Com fashion–

These things do not make me hate you. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

I once told you that one of my favorite things about you, was how each time you kiss me, I feel it. When I first said it, you looked confused. It still stands true. Every kiss with you, was like the first time. It was coming up for air after being underwater for so long.

I understand this is a romantic notion. It is a story filled with fluff. It is also a story full of truth, feeling, and above all else; heart.

I do not hate you. I do not wish ill thoughts for you.

I wish for you to forgive my selfishness. I wish for you to take the time and for the “things” to sort themselves out.

I am sorry

I miss your hand on the small of my back when you kiss me.

I miss how you would smell my hair each day and breathe me in.

I miss how special you made me feel.

We haven’t made each other feel special in a while.

I am sorry


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