learning the most from my most obnoxious

First: I am proud of you. Second: I will never fucking visit. Third: I am proud of you.

I know I said it twice, but once is never enough for you.

We may not have gotten along every single day, but I strongly believe that our good days outweigh the bad. In the short time I have had the pleasure (but sometimes absolute displeasure because you’re the ultimate brat, haha) of working with you; I have learned a lot.

While your constant, not so subtle attitude has given me a migraine time and time again; you have ultimately made me a better boss. You have made me a stronger person. And you have improved my patience ten fold.

You will do great things, I have no doubts about that. One of my favorite moments was the day I pulled your ass in the PDR. You had crossed the line, I was about to lose it, and we were at this strange pinnacle. It was a weird situation where I wanted to strangle and hug you at the same time.

One of the things I admire most about you, is how unapologetic you are. Despite still being well in to your youth, you are strong and unwavering. My wish for you is that you take that quality and never let it go.

I was like you when I started; I had all of the answers and none of the experience. I ran my desk and my mouth simultaneously. It was pretty much the only cardio I had time for. But what bit me in my ass, was I did not take the time to listen.

The list of things you have taught me in the short year I have known you feels endless. The most important are below:

  • I have become an active listener.
  • I have become more patient with those under me.
  • And I have learned to relax without losing my edge or whatever.

My heart is full and breaking at the exact same time. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you for taking the next step and making this leap. I have every ounce of faith you will do the right things. All I ask is that you promise me this:

  • You will listen.
  • You will absorb.
  • And you will never lose your insanely strong sense of self.

Congrats, little. You did it! We miss you already.


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