new beginnings with my old friend

yo. if you are a regular or new in town — welcome. this is casually whelmed. a low key blog focused on high key content beautifully (and not so beautifully) curated and crafted by myself (j2) and my heterosexual life partner (j1).

the backstory is this: we met as awkward teens – blossomed in to cheerleaders – and went to college. from there– we have been places, seen things, kissed boys, kissed girls, drank great cocktails and even drank Potter’s Vodka from a Gatorade bottle. if you threw a dart at a board covered in rom-com status experiences, we have probably been there and/or done that.

we like to talk. we want to engage. and for that reason, we started a blog. or actually, piggy backed a podcast and a meme page from j2’s existing blog.

the early content is just that — early. from times in our lives when we didn’t need a 12 step k-beauty program every other night. (but like– k banana, if you wanna collab — we here.)

if we have your attention — subscribe. follow our journey as we leave our roaring 20’s and dive scrunchies first into the abyss of 29 + 30 (respectively).

also peep our other socials – insta:whemlingj podcast: casual j’s (available on Anchor, Apple Music + Spotify)

thx – the j’s

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