new beginnings with my old friend

yo. if you are a regular or new in town — welcome. this is casually whelmed. a low key blog focused on high key content beautifully (and not so beautifully) curated and crafted by myself (j2) and my heterosexual life partner (j1). the backstory is this: we met as awkward teens – blossomed in toContinue reading “new beginnings with my old friend”

be a fucking tiger: a love note to the souls almost too lost to be found. almost.

Hard realizations are my forte. If you have ever read this blog before; this is not new, exciting, or even close to fake news. My name in the blogosphere (and my resume) has been made up almost solely based on hard fucking lessons of the heart, head, and even my fucking body. What can IContinue reading “be a fucking tiger: a love note to the souls almost too lost to be found. almost.”

time. excuses. lies.

I don’t believe in bad timing. I don’t believe in fate or serendipitous notions. I do not believe in destiny. I cannot however, say I NEVER believed in these romantic ideas; because I did once.  And then I grew up. I realized that all of these poetic ideals were cop-outs. They are excuses. They areContinue reading “time. excuses. lies.”

fuckin’ v day, man.

Ain’t it a bitch? Whether you’re falling in love, falling out of love, or just being in love (with yourself or someone else); below are some nice copy and paste-able notes to send your cuties this Wednesday. You’re welcome. Sig Oth: I want you. I love you. To me, you are perfect in every wayContinue reading “fuckin’ v day, man.”

singing adele in the shower at the top of my lungs

  You have trouble distinguishing the difference between your and you’re. Spoiler alert: the apostrophe signifies a contraction of “you are”. You over salt every food; even salads. All the time. You have a horrible attention span, but the best memory of anyone I have every met. You are careful and calculated. You are quietContinue reading “singing adele in the shower at the top of my lungs”

for the guy who wanted to have it all.

We don’t love you. We don’t want to meet you in a sleazy restaurant/hotel/third floor walk up. We don’t even like you. You’re disgusting. Pathetic. And irrelevant. I hope she finds out. I hope your mother finds out. And I hope they both confront you. And make sure you know the pompous piece of shitContinue reading “for the guy who wanted to have it all.”

digital (digital) get down

Let’s talk about sex(ting), baby. In the words of my favorite villain, “Everybody does it… it’s just that no body talks about it.” GIRL. Sexting is a major deal right now. Gettin’ down online isn’t a thing of the future anymore. It’s a thing NOW. Right this minute. And increasing each second. Boys, girls, parents,Continue reading “digital (digital) get down”

what if i told you, chivalry isn’t completely dead…

It’s only kind of dead. Like a moderate coma, dead. Chivalry is a vegetable. A crazy notion, I know. But what would you say if I were to tell you I went on a date that wasn’t planned 45 minutes before. A date that wasn’t  JUST “drinks at *insert shitty bar name here*”. What ifContinue reading “what if i told you, chivalry isn’t completely dead…”

“off” is the direction i would like you to fuck

Here’s a quick fuck you. Something short and sweet for you to read when you catch yourself thinking of me. (because we both know you will) Fuck you, dude. I’m not sure which PLANET you believed it would be okay to have a girlfriend and still casually date me. And then for you to makeContinue reading ““off” is the direction i would like you to fuck”