who we be

not so insta famous blogger with a meme kween best friend ready to hold your hand while we all try and navigate this got damn planet

major plans to dazzle with our wits instead of tits
smashing the patriarchy one sassy sentence at a time
self care enthusiasts who realize there is more to self care than a face mask and chardonnay (but they totally help in a pinch and/or a tuesday)

asking tough questions
asking uncomfortable questions
testing it all — Tinder, bikini waxes, face peels, new jobs, mental health, etc.

stop by for words to the wise (+the not so wise)
laugh + cry with us
like a casual j on a sunday afternoon, we are here to chill

Word on the Street

Funny bitches on a wild ride.

Our friends

Please be safe.

Our Moms

Built for podcast fame. Just fucking do it already.

Our insides

wanna contribute?

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