fuckin’ v day, man.

Ain’t it a bitch? Whether you’re falling in love, falling out of love, or just being in love (with yourself or someone else); below are some nice copy and paste-able notes to send your cuties this Wednesday. You’re welcome. Sig Oth: I want you. I love you. To me, you are perfect in every wayContinue reading “fuckin’ v day, man.”

digital (digital) get down

Let’s talk about sex(ting), baby. In the words of my favorite villain, “Everybody does it… it’s just that no body talks about it.” GIRL. Sexting is a major deal right now. Gettin’ down online isn’t a thing of the future anymore. It’s a thing NOW. Right this minute. And increasing each second. Boys, girls, parents,Continue reading “digital (digital) get down”

what if i told you, chivalry isn’t completely dead…

It’s only kind of dead. Like a moderate coma, dead. Chivalry is a vegetable. A crazy notion, I know. But what would you say if I were to tell you I went on a date that wasn’t planned 45 minutes before. A date that wasn’t ┬áJUST “drinks at *insert shitty bar name here*”. What ifContinue reading “what if i told you, chivalry isn’t completely dead…”